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Weather Safety at the Keller Sports Park

By KYA President, 02/21/18, 10:15AM CST


Know what to do when the lightning detectors are activated.

Lightning Safety
The Keller Sports Park is equipped with a lightning detection system.  The system is comprised of two alerts - an audible alert that sounds at the first detection of lightning in the area, and a visible strobe light to indicate lightning in the area.

If the lightning detection siren sounds, it means that lightning has been detected within 10 miles of the Keller Sports Park.

Once the siren sounds, all fields/dugouts must be cleared. No players, coaches or officials are allowed to remain on the playing fields during a lightning event. Parents are encouraged to take players to cars for safety during any lightning delays. 

Events will remain in a "lightning delay" for 30 minutes following any lightning detection. After 30 minutes, assuming no additional lightning activity, a siren will sound to give the "all clear". At this time players/coaches may take the fields and games may resume. 

If lightning strikes during the 30 minute delay, the delay time will be extended. For example, if a second lightning strike is detected 10 minutes into a 30 minute delay, the clock will start over and your delay will be a total of 40 minutes. League commissioners and/or coaches will ultimately make a decision whether to remain in a delay or cancel games in progress.

If you arrive at the Sports Complex and the detector strobe light is flashing, then it means we are in our 30 minute delay time. The siren may have sounded prior to your arrival. Coaches and players should not take the field if the strobe light is activated, but should instead wait for the all clear siren.