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Elite Baseball

KYA Elite Baseball Turned 10 in 2022!


The KYA Elite program celebrated its 10th year in 2022!  The program has continued to grow into one of the most successful youth baseball programs in the Metroplex.   Make sure and check out the Hall of Champions to see the proud history of the program over the last 10 years.


The Elite program provides a higher level of competitive baseball involving other area teams. The KYA teams are chosen based on an open tryout to all those interested in playing. We anticipate roughly 2 teams per age division based on the interest and talent level of players at the tryouts.  Some ages may be combined if the numbers do not warrant individually age grouped teams. 

The KYA Elite program participates in the Texas Elite Baseball Association (TEBA) for ages 7U - High School for league play.

Here is some great insight by one of our own KYA coaches, Clint McGill, that deals with the challenge of  "Good in practice but struggle in games?  4 free tips on how to crush it on game day".

Spring Season Comparison

Rec Elite Select
Weeks ~ 12 ~ 16 ~ 16
Games/Wk 1 ~ 1 - 2 ~ 1 - 3
Total Games ~ 12 ~ 20-30(+) 30-50(+)
At-Bat/Game ~ 1 - 2 ~ 2 - 3 ~ 2 - 3
At-Bat/Season 15-30 40-90(+) 60-100(+)
Innings/Game ~ 3 - 4 ~ 4 - 6 ~ 4 - 6
Innings/Season 40-50 80-180 140-200(+)
Practices ~ 1 - 2 ~ 1 - 2 ~ 1 - 3
Tournaments? None Encouraged Required
# Tournaments None ~ 2 - 6 ~ 4 - 8
Reg Fees ~ $175 ~ $225 ~ $250
TOTAL Cost/Season ~ $250 ~ $500* ~ $750*
Commitment Trying it out / Average level talentĀ  Enjoys Baseball / All Star level talent Serious about baseball / Top level talent

* Cost can be offset by fundraising and sponsorships.


What format is the Elite program (Age Group Breakdown)?

The Elite league will use the following age group breakdown: 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, High School (If enough interest/talent)

Can my child try out for the Elite program even if they have never played at KYA before?

Yes! The tryouts are open to all players regardless of their affiliation.

Can I bring an entire team of players and form my own Elite team and play under the KYA banner?

No, we are only forming teams based on the tryout selection process.

Will the Elite teams be able to participate in All Star tournaments?


What days of the week, how many games, where will they be played?

Spring season (TEBA) - Weekday nights and weekends, 8 to 14 games, ½ of the games will be played at KYA and the other ½ will be at a neighboring team’s field.  (Schedule is subject to change year to year)

Fall season (TEBA) - Possibly Tue & Thu (single games),Sat & Sun (double headers) 8 to 12 games, ½ of the games will be played at KYA and the other ½ will be at a neighboring team’s field.  (Schedule is subject to change year to year)

How much does Elite cost?

Typical expense of a season (Fall or Spring) on average is $500* including uniform expense.  *Most of this can be offset by sponsorships and fundraisers.

Will there be a tryout in the Fall and Spring?

Yes, there will be a tryout in the Spring to fill roster holes, allow coaches to make personnel changes and to provide those players that didn't play in the Fall the opportunity to play in the Spring.  Making a team in the Fall does not guarantee a roster spot in the Spring.

Chance Heady

Chance Heady

Elite Commissioner