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What is BlastBall®?

BlastBall is our youngest age division (3 and 4 year olds as of April 30, 2025) in our Rec league.

All BlastBall games are on Saturdays with one short practice a week.  Practice days and times are determined by the head coach.

BlastBall Registration Fee: $100


We offer Fall and Spring seasons. Team size ranges from 6-10 kids per team. Some basic equipment is provided to the coach. We look for a parent to volunteer for the head coach position and another parent to be the assistant coach. Schedules are determined after registration and matched up with field availability.  At this entry level, teams practice once per week. The goal is to have FUN and to start getting them ready for Tball. 

Uniforms and trophies/medals are provided in the Fall and Spring season at this level.

BlastBall!® provides an ideal entry level of play for the youngster who will go on to other advanced levels of the game. It is also a great fitness and recreational activity for schools and community programs as well as family and friends. 

BlastBall!® is meant to put FUN back in to the game of Baseball. It is designed to generate fast-paced action, provide recreation and exercise, create enthusiasm and thru simplicity, allow retention of youth participants in the game.


History of KYA BlastBall!®

KYA introduced the BlastBall program in the Fall of 2008 in efforts to assist with requests for providing something for younger kids to play before Tball. In our first trial season, we had 30 kids on 6 teams sign up to play. It was very successful, so we launched it in the Spring 2009 season. The growth was more than we expected as we had 91 kids on 16 teams sign up to play. For our Fall 2009 season the growth continued to increase with 116 kids on 22 teams.  For our Spring 2010 season the growth had been incredible with 175 kids on 34 teams.  The program has continued to be successful.

Just after 2 seasons, KYA had the largest BlastBall program in the area. Come and let your children join the tradition.

KYA has taken the BlastBall concept and continues to modify it to fit our young players. This is a very flexible game and we adapt to their needs. At the coaches meeting, we go into more detail about the game, how to play, how to coach, etc... Start with this idea, playing Tball with a soft bat & ball, everyone hits and there are no outs. We do not keep score.  We just have fun playing and developing skills!

If you have any specific questions about BlastBall or are interested in becoming a coach then please contact the commissioner for this division via the Contacts link.